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Children's Dentistry

Children’s dentistry often covers a large range of issues. We generally suggest the first visit to the dentist as soon as the child is able to independently sit in the dental chair comfortably. The age of the child ranges from 2-3 years old. Often this is done as part of the dental visit together with the parent or sibling. We encourage the first visit for the child to be a friendly visit.

Issues in children can range from thumb sucking, poor oral hygiene and bottle/diet decay. Also, there are issues with overcrowding or missing teeth. As the child grows, there are issues with injuries from sports and falls.

With visiting the dentist early, we can learn to manage and educate the children about correct brushing and addressing issues such as thumb sucking. Early intervention for certain overcrowding or malocclusion might be appropriate for certain children.

During the teenage years, patients with braces are encouraged to have regular preventative clean and flossing around their braces.