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General Dentistry

General Dentistry includes many aspects of dentistry which include preventative dentistry and treating both children, adults and seniors.

Often when the tooth has decay or a cavity, it needs a filling to protect the tooth from further damage or infection.

If the tooth was left unfilled, a cavity will only get worse and the decay might ultimately lead to toothache and abscess and possibly a facial swelling. Nowadays, the tooth-filling procedure is nearly painless thanks to advances in dentistry.

Filling Material

Often there are many choices of filling material available today than in the past, and your choice may depend on a combination of appearance, cost and function.

Composite: Fillings made of a tooth-coloured mixtures of glass and resin, composite can match the colour of your teeth. However, the material is very moisture sensitive and might not be suitable in all areas of the mouth.

Amalgam: Silver-coloured amalgam fillings are a mixture of metals including silver, copper, tin and mercury. They are strong, durable, and inexpensive, but many people don’t like the look of the silver or mercury.

All ceramic crowns: Emax crowns or inlay and Onlays are often made of zirconia and they are popular for people who want a natural looking tooth. They are one of the strongest and durable, material available similar to diamonds. The colour of the Emax crown is one of the most natural available.

Glass ionomers: These glass and acrylic fillings bond chemically to dental hard tissues and release fluoride slowly over time. They are indicated for low-stress areas and are usually placed on roots or front teeth. They are often used in children as a short-term solution for baby teeth.

Sensitive Teeth

Sensitive teeth is now a growing concern for many people. Often it gets to a point where normal chewing and breathing functions get disturbed and limit the ability to enjoy food. However, nowadays, there are options to reduce the sensitivity of the tooth, which may include placing a non-invasive filling.

Wear or Dental Erosion

Wear or dental erosion could be a reason why some teeth are sensitive. Often soft drinks, dietary factors and other medical conditions can all play a part in the erosion of teeth. There are many ways to address the issues and a comprehensive examination is required to develop a treatment plan.