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Dentures are known as false teeth. They are often supported by teeth and soft tissues. They range from a full tissue supported denture with artificial teeth to a partial denture which is partially supported by teeth and soft tissues.

With partial dentures, there are 2 types available which are an acrylic(plastic) denture or metal denture. Acrylic dentures are often used as an intermediate measure before replacing the teeth while the bone is healing. Sometimes however it is used as a permanent measure to replace missing teeth. A disadvantage of this type of denture is that the surrounding teeth can trap food and can lead to more decay if not kept clean.

Metal or chrome denture is also used to replaced missing teeth. This is generally smaller and less bulky than an acrylic denture. However, a disadvantage of this denture is that it’s not as easy to modify or adjust the denture when needed.

Generally, dentures are done in a few steps which include the impression of the area. We normally also do a try-in of the teeth before finishing the denture to ensure we have the correct fit and shade of teeth.

When there is a need for immediate insertion of the denture, we ensure that we plan to make and fit the denture to reduce the time without any teeth. You will walk out smiling.

Dentures need to be replaced generally between 5-8 years. This is because of the bone shrinking of the area causing the denture to feel loose and ill-fitting. Often also the artificial teeth become stained and very worn down. Call us now if you have not had a new denture for a while and see how much better it feels with a new denture.