Patient Information

Patient Information

Arriving for your appointment

We ask that our clients arrive 10 mins before the appointment as we have a short questionnaire regarding your medical and dental history which includes a list of medications.

What you will need to bring

Please ensure you bring along to your appointment your private Health Insurance card and details, along with your medicare information. The majority of insurance companies have a zero-gap on children’s treatments. For the Department of Veterans Affairs, any details or history that is necessary to claim will assist us in processing.

In addition to your Insurance information, we ask that you bring along any broken or fractured part of the denture or teeth. If you have had previous dental x-rays and work, please also bring these along to your appointment. This will allow us to gain an understanding of your dental requirements.

HICAPS is available and we accept payment on the day via cash and all major credit cards including Amex, Diners Club. We also can arrange to accept a direct deposit on request.

Additional Information

Many reasons can cause a sore or wobbly tooth. Generally, we take a comprehensive clinical history as to the cause of why the tooth is sore or wobbly. Often an x-ray is also required to check on the tooth. There could be many reasons for a sore or wobbly tooth which ranges from a fractured tooth, cracked tooth, or just an eruption of a new adult tooth. By visiting the surgery, we shall determine what are the possibilities.

Generally there are many reasons to get a lump at the base of a tooth. Reasons can range from an infection from the nerve or around the gums. By coming in for an examination, we can check on the cause of the infection with a clinical exam or x-ray.

With most bleeding gums, there are many causes that range from gum infection to hormonal changes within an individual. Depending on the reasons, an appropriate treatment will then be commenced.

When we do a clinical examination, we check on the fillings and also underneath the filling. Sometimes when food is stuck between the tooth, reasons can be from decay found under the filling or possibly a broken filling.

There could be jaw pain or dislocation due to excessive grinding or stresses. There are several treatment options of which the simplest could be making a splint to prevent grinding.

There are many reasons for having a stained or dark tooth. Treatment options include bleaching or covering the teeth with either crowns or veneers. After doing an exam and understanding the patient, options can be presented that is best for the patient.

Treatment options for missing teeth can include dentures, bridges, or implants. Based on the patient’s needs and a treatment plan can be customised.